Explore our diverse collection of projector products designed to cater to your every visual need. Epson’s large range of Education, Interactive, Large Venue and Short-Throw Projectors. Ideal for schools, meeting rooms, corporate events and large spaces.

Education/Business Projectors


Our diverse range of projectors caters to the unique needs of classrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, and conference spaces. Designed with precision, our education and business projectors offer exceptional image quality, interactive capabilities, and versatile connectivity options.

Find out why Epson is No.1 in Education/Business Projectors:


Mid Range Projectors


Epson EB-972

The EB-972 classroom projector features advanced connectivity and premium 16 W audio.


Epson EB-982W

The perfect addition to any learning environment, this ultra bright, 4,200-lumen projector enhances lesson plans and promotes collaboration with vibrant, widescreen displays.


Epson EB-992F

Maximise your presentations with this bright Full HD projector that’s capable of producing a large and scalable screen size.


Epson EB-L260F

Powerful and Compact. 1080p 3LCD Lamp-Free Laser Display with Built-In Wireless


Epson EB-2250U

This projector allows a wide variety of input methods so you can project Full HD content from a wide-range of devices.


Epson EB-2265U

Epson’s EB-2265U projector is engineered to shine outstandingly even in well-lit environments to enrich your presentation experience.

Short Throw Projectors


Epson EB-L210SF

Versatile laser projector combined 3LCD technology is ideal for delivering high quality Full HD content in meeting rooms and classrooms.

Interactive Projectors


Epson EB-760Wi

Lamp-free interactive display projects easy-to-read images for collaborative classrooms.


Epson EB-735Fi

Enhancing learning experiences in classrooms with a giant, interactive, and immersive digital drawing board instead of using a traditional whiteboard will no long be just a dream.


Epson MeetingMate

The EB-1480Fi has been designed to be easy to use, enriching collaborative and agile working environments.


Epson MeetingMate

Up your game and bring your presentations and learning experiences to life with Epson EB-1485Fi projector.

Ultra Short Throw Projectors


Epson EB-685W

Offering 3x Higher Colour Brightness1 than competitive models, Epson® 3LCD projectors and displays ensure bright, vivid images.


Epson EB-770F

Drive engagement and communication with an affordable display, up to 150″, that will improve productivity in any environment.

Document Cameras


Epson ELP-DC07
Document Camera

With a large, highly efficient 1/2.7″ CMOS imaging sensor, the ELP-DC07 delivers bright images with high quality that will bring life to classroom activities.


Epson ELP-DC13
Document Camera

This flexible document camera easily captures and displays books, 3D objects and experiments.


Epson ELP-DC21
Document Camera

The ELP-DC21 has a robust and durable design, with great security features allowing it to be permanently placed in a classroom or boardroom.

Projector Options & Accessories


Epson ELP-SP02
Active Speakers

Boasting 30W of crisp, clear sound, the ELP-SP02 active speakers enable every student to clearly hear the lesson, no matter where they are sitting in the room.


Epson ELPWP10 Wireless
Screen Sharing Device

Epson’s new wireless presentation systems make it easy for you to share your screen and increase your productivity.


Epson ELP-CB03
Cable Management &
Connection Box

Teachers can now experience a higher level of control and connectivity in the classroom with the ELPCB03.