Explore our diverse collection of projector products designed to cater to your every visual need. Epson’s large range of Education, Interactive, Large Venue and Short-Throw Projectors. Ideal for schools, meeting rooms, corporate events and large spaces.

Projector Options & Accessories


Epson, the leading projector manufacturer worldwide, offers a wide range of the highest quality projectors to meet every school and educational need. Epson projectors are built with image quality and reliability in mind while ensuring a low total cost of ownership.


Epson ELP-SP02
Active Speakers

Boasting 30W of crisp, clear sound, the ELP-SP02 active speakers enable every student to clearly hear the lesson, no matter where they are sitting in the room.


Epson ELPWP10 Wireless
Screen Sharing Device

Epson’s new wireless presentation systems make it easy for you to share your screen and increase your productivity.


Epson ELP-CB03
Cable Management &
Connection Box

Teachers can now experience a higher level of control and connectivity in the classroom with the ELPCB03.