Explore our diverse collection of projector products designed to cater to your every visual need. Epson’s large range of Education, Interactive, Large Venue and Short-Throw Projectors. Ideal for schools, meeting rooms, corporate events and large spaces.

Mid Range Projectors


Epson, the leading projector manufacturer worldwide, offers a wide range of the highest quality projectors to meet every school and educational need. Epson projectors are built with image quality and reliability in mind while ensuring a low total cost of ownership.


Epson EB-972

The EB-972 classroom projector features advanced connectivity and premium 16 W audio.


Epson EB-982W

The perfect addition to any learning environment, this ultra bright, 4,200-lumen projector enhances lesson plans and promotes collaboration with vibrant, widescreen displays.


Epson EB-992F

Maximise your presentations with this bright Full HD projector that’s capable of producing a large and scalable screen size.


Epson EB-L260F

Powerful and Compact. 1080p 3LCD Lamp-Free Laser Display with Built-In Wireless


Epson EB-2250U

This projector allows a wide variety of input methods so you can project Full HD content from a wide-range of devices.


Epson EB-2265U

Epson’s EB-2265U projector is engineered to shine outstandingly even in well-lit environments to enrich your presentation experience.