Document Camera

Take lessons further with the full HD 1080p resolution Epson ELP-DC13 document camera. This flexible document camera easily captures and displays books, 3D objects and experiments. Simplified connectivity makes installation and control easier than ever before. The ELP-DC13 has a robust and durable design, with great security features allowing it to be permanently placed in a classroom or boardroom. Teachers can use the ELP-DC13 to demonstrate the view from a microscope, a live experiment in science class or display fine prints from an architectural drawing onto the bigger projected screen. Compatible with Epson EIT (Easy Interactive Tools) software, users can take advantage of features such as split screen mode, video recording with audio, image capturing and save recordings to an SD card or computer.



Deliver powerful lessons with extraordinary close-up detail

16x digital zoom.

Astounding clarity and colour

HD 1080p output resolution

Advanced connectivity

HDMI digital connectivity for high-definition video.

Share magnified images

Microscope adapter included; supports many standard microscopes.

Record and share audio/video lessons

Built-in microphone and included software; one-touch A/V recording.

Ultra smooth video performance

30 frames per second (fps) at 1080p.

Capture, save and present images

Supports SD cards and computers.

Convenient freeze and capture buttons

Easily pause and/or resume the image.