Explore our diverse collection of projector products designed to cater to your every visual need. Epson’s large range of Education, Interactive, Large Venue and Short-Throw Projectors. Ideal for schools, meeting rooms, corporate events and large spaces.

Large Venue Projectors – L Series


Large venue projectors are high-performance projectors designed to deliver bright and high-quality images in large spaces such as auditoriums, conference halls, stadiums, theaters, exhibition centers, and other similar venues.


Epson EB-L570U

5,200 lumens brightness fixed lens laser projector, an ideal use for education, businesses and visitor attractions environments.


Epson EB-L630U

The compact, low running cost EB-L630U laser projector delivers powerful performance for education and business applications.


Epson EB-L630SU

The EB-L630SU laser projector delivers powerful performance for education, business & signage applications.


Epson EB-L635SU

The EB-L635SU short-throw, 6,000 lumens laser projector is ideal for users who need to produce large images in tight spaces.


Epson EB-L730U

A Compact and Robust WUXGA Laser Projector with 7000 Lumens and Built-In Wireless Function for Projecting Sharp and Vivid Images.


Epson EB-L735U

The EB-L735U fixed lens laser projector offers 7,000 lumens and is ideal for education, corporate, retail and visitor attractions.


Epson EB-L770U

Powerful and Compact. 1080p 3LCD Lamp-Free Laser Display with Built-In Wireless


Epson EB-L30000UNL

Presenting spectacular image quality with outstanding levels of colour brightness, the Epson EB-L30000UNL is among the world’s lightest and smallest 30,000 lumens 3LCD projector with 4K quality lens.