Explore our diverse collection of projector products designed to cater to your every visual need. Epson’s large range of Education, Interactive, Large Venue and Short-Throw Projectors. Ideal for schools, meeting rooms, corporate events and large spaces.

Interactive Projectors


Epson, the leading projector manufacturer worldwide, offers a wide range of the highest quality projectors to meet every school and educational need. Epson projectors are built with image quality and reliability in mind while ensuring a low total cost of ownership.


Epson EB-760Wi

Lamp-free interactive display projects easy-to-read images for collaborative classrooms.


Epson EB-735Fi

Enhancing learning experiences in classrooms with a giant, interactive, and immersive digital drawing board instead of using a traditional whiteboard will no long be just a dream.


Epson MeetingMate

The EB-1480Fi has been designed to be easy to use, enriching collaborative and agile working environments.


Epson MeetingMate

Up your game and bring your presentations and learning experiences to life with Epson EB-1485Fi projector.