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Human Body Systems 1

Category: Science
Manufacturer: Cambridge-Hitachi

The topics covered will be relevant to advanced courses in biology, human biology and health sciences.

Standard navigation options are simple and easy to use. In addition, an innovative navigation web shows how topics inter-relate allowing you to explore linked topics and resources with ease. Human Body Systems is ideal for use on a whiteboard or data projector. Students can also use the discs on their own for revision or reinforcement.

1. The human skeleton; 2. Bones and joints; 3. Muscles and movement; 4. Nutrition; 5. Teeth; 6. Digestion; 7. Respiration; 8. The heart and circulation; 9. The blood; 10. Glossary

 Extensive range of multimedia tools to enrich senior secondary science.
* Innovative navigation options for ease of use.
* Inter-relationships easily explored through linked topics and resources.
* Ideal for use on a whiteboard or data projector.

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